Wednesday 3 October 2012

Papier-mâché Cat Models

Using a milk bottle, wire, cardboard, newspaper & paint we created these vibrant cat characters

Clay Bowls with Feet

The brief was to make a bowl by pressing clay into a mould and to model feet. The clay bowls were dried and fired to 1085º C, then painted with tempera paint. The project was inspired by an ancient Egyptian terracotta bowl made as long ago as 3900BC with 2 little feet complete with toes. As you can see there were many different interpretations of the brief. I am always impressed by the children's imagination.

Small Landscapes on Canvas

Colourful abstract using tempera and oil pastel to good effect

Good  colour combinations creating an evening atmosphere

Surely a 21st century impressionist!

Dramatic & intense colours

Good use of complementary colours

Subtle & interesting sky in a sunset seascape

Japanese Inspired Aquarelle Drawings

Critters Inspired by Flanimals

Wool, pipe-cleaners, wire, pompoms, googly-eyes..............