Friday 22 March 2013

Easter Project

 Last day of term started by eating Easter 'Nests' made from shredded wheat and chocolate. Always a popular choice! The challenge was to figure out how to combine wire, and glass globs, and beads to make an insect like critter. It involved using hard, slippery materials so some children found it a struggle. The glue gun was always handy to stop the wire spiralling out of control. In the end their efforts were not too bad.

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Clay Models

Models made using Flax paper clay which was fired to 1085˚C then painted with tempera.

Spring Portraits

  1. Photos taken with a model of Able Seaman Simon, a famous ships' cat who was injured by shrapnel during the Yangtse Incident in 1949, He was awarded the Dickin medal posthumously for cheering up the hospitalised crew who were badly injured during the attack. Portraits were made by tracing with carbon paper, that old standby. I had to explain the original use of carbon in the context of typewriters which are yet another alien concept for today's child. The pictures were painted in watercolour and mounted onto cardboard which had been decorated with straws and painted.