Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Work Made at Susan's Summer Art Club 2012

Ceramic pot, carefully slab-built and modelled using flax paper clay, bisque-fired and then painted with tempera paint

'Bird' pot with an intricately modelled & painted handle

'Bird' pot

'Bird' pot with tree-shaped handle

Large beaked bird pot

'Peacok' pot with gold painted beak

'Bird with remarkably straight worm' pot

Fused glass tree,beach and sea

Glossy stained glass fused to create an attractive piece to hang in a window or on a wall, with interesting bubbles trapped inside the glass during the fusing process.

A calm seascape painted in pastel tempera & acrylic on canvas

A fun seascape in tempera & acrylic paint on canvas

Tempera & acrylic painting on canvas on cardboard using brush and palette knife: 'The Bass Rock'

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